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Long Depth of Focus Lasor B

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Long Depth of Focus Lasor Beam Processing Lens
Time2021-03-04 22:26SourceLasensor PhotoelectricWriter lasensor
Long Depth of Focus Lasor Beam Machining Lens is developed, based on the precision optical processing of Shanghai Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics of The Chinese Academy of Sciences and the technology of the high quality and high damage threshold laser thin film.
2Aperture and Depth   
The diameter of the incident light is proportional to the processing depth of the laser processing lens with long focal depth. The diameter of the incident light is calculated as 1/ e2. Several typical values are listed below for reference only.
Using the technique that ring beam increases depth of focus. Depth of focus can be customized. 
For the drilling or cutting of optical transparent materials, micron-sized holes can be machined in the range of several millimeters to centimeters
Ordinary glass, sapphire and other transparent materials can be drilled and cut with super-fast laser.
It can be machined out with through-hole with same size, form back and forth. It is smoother and easier to break.
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