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Lasor Processing Equipment

Lasor Processing Equipment and Customized Development
Timeú║2021-03-04 22:22Sourceú║Lasensor PhotoelectricWriterú║ lasensor
We provide different kinds of ultrashort pulsed (ns, ps, and fs) laser processing equipment, including laser direct writing, laser waveguide processing, laser descaling, laser welding, laser AM etc.. Furthermore, we provide services for customized development, including glass, metal, organic glass, semiconductor, ceramics, bio-material etc..

1.Principle of Lasor Processing Equipment
2.Technical Index
Laser wavelength: 400~1100nm
Pulse width: nsúČpsúČfs
High stabilityú║7/24úČTarget surface frequency fluctuation<1%úĘRMSúę  
High processing precisionú║XYZ better than 1μm
Reset Accuracyú║200nm~2μmúĘcan be customizedúę
Image resolutionú║500nm
Multi-axis and multi-size: >6 axisúČ
Range of Processing: sub-micron to tens of micron
Equipped with high-speed control based on option scanner
Equipped with high-precision automatic focusing based on machinery learning
Functionú║Can be customized 
High precision processing of variety kinds of material, including metal, polymer, semiconductor, glass, ceramics, and biological target etc.. 
Two-photon polymerization for 3D precision additive processing.
3D write-in in transparent material (3D photomemory, photo-waveguide, and microfluidic channel) 
Research for subcellular fraction in body, bio-micron surgical operation robot
Superficial micron structure formed by Laser-induced (superhydrophobic, Subtractive imitation material)
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