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LPC-D03S Dust Particle Coun

LPC-D01 Dust Particle Count

LPC-D01 Dust Particle Count

LPC-D01L Dust Particle Coun

LPC-D01L Dust Particle Counter0.1m 28.3L/min
Time2021-03-06 23:32SourceLasensor PhotoelectricWriter lasensor
LPC-D01L Dust Particle Counter is used for measuring the size and number of dust particles per unit volume of air in a clean environment. The minimum particle size grade is up to 0.1μm with a flow rate of 28.3L/min, which can detect the clean environment with the level of cleanliness from 300,000 to 10. The product can be widely used in semiconductor, electronics, optics, chemistry, food, cosmetics, medicine and health, biological products, aerospace and other departments.

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