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UPT Series of Optical Biose

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UPT Series of Optical Biosensors
Time2021-03-08 15:20SourceLasensor PhotoelectricWriter lasensor
Won the second prize of 2015 National Technology Invention Award
Immediate detection (POCT) optical biosensor uses nanomaterials to bind specific antibodies, and the antigens are detected by immunochromatography to quantify toxins, bacteria, and clinical indicators. The product takes the technology of up-conversion luminescent nanoparticles as optical marker, and immunoassay strips as biological reaction carries, in order to detect reactions on test strips after immunoreaction with high efficiency and high accuracy. By the comparison with fluorescence, gold, and other methods, UPT nanoparticles has its advantage, which is avoiding the distraction of exciting light by naturally separating wavelengths of exciting light and Induced fluorescence. Therefore, the product has much higher sensitivity and higher stability. 
UPT series of optical sensors developed by our company is the only type of equipment with independent intellectual property rights products in China, has won the second award of the 2014 China Medical Technology Award, and the second award of 2014 Beijing Science and Technology Award, and the second award of the 2015 national technology invention Award. It is the only POCT products which won the national technology invention award by far.

UPT-3A Schematic

 Multi-Channel UPT-M
һFields of Application
UPT optical biosensors are the first (and only) to be completed coverage of biological events, emergency disease control, clinical emergency, illegal drug screening detection means in the international. And it is the first fully independent intellectual property rights of the optical POCT instrument in China. It has been used in the 2008 Olympic Games security, 2010 Shanghai World Expo biosecurity detection system successfully.
1In the field of biological event disposal: UPT series of biosensors can quickly detect the Yersinia, anthrax spores and other 11 kinds of toxins and bacteria, and has been used to carry out testing work in a number of plague foci in China;
2In the field of emergency disease control: UPT series of biosensors can detect enterohemorrhage  EColi, (EHEC) O157, Salmonella and other 12 kinds of bacteria. It has been used in CDC disease control and control work in many provinces of China;
3In the field of medical clinical examination: UPT series of biosensors can carry out high sensitivity early diagnosis about heart failure, myocardial injury, liver cancer, liver cirrhosis, premature birth and other diseases. 
4In the field of illegal drug screening: UPT series of biosensors can detect morphine, ketamine and other three indicators.
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