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Bioaerosol Sampler

Bioaerosol Sampler
Time2021-03-06 23:29SourceLasensor PhotoelectricWriter lasensor
1. Functions and Usages
The product is a whirlwind-like bioaerosol sampler, which uses the technology of cyclone separation to collect aerosol in the air directly into the liquid, then rapidly detect bacteria, fungi and viruses in the collected samples by the combination with methods such as PCR, LAMP etc.. 
The product can be devoted to implement field sampling in biological safety emergency events and battlefield with full of biotoxins. The product can be widely used for the purpose of microbial sampling in the field of prevention and control of diseases, environmental protection, pharmaceuticals industry, fermentation industry, food industry, bio-clean environment, public places, and research projects of colleges and schools.
2. Characteristics 
1. The product can be used to collect PMs in the air directly to the liquid, which is for future testing. 
2. The product has low cutting point, high sampling efficiency, and low liquid loss. 
3. The product is light and portable. Also, it can be used for by-hand sampling as well. 
4. The interlining for sampling is disposable, which should be changed after usage for prevention of cross-contamination. 
5. The product is easy to assemble. It is operated with full touch display. 
6. The sampling time can be set up arbitrarily. 
7. The product can be used for liquid sampling when the temperature is higher than 0, while it can be used for oil film sampling when the temperature is lower than 0. Therefore, the efficiency of sampling is much higher.
8. The product has strong adaptation in different environments, such as sand&dust etc.. 
3. Product Parameters
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