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RBM Real-Time Bioaerosol Monitor
Time2021-03-06 22:52SourceLasensor PhotoelectricWriter lasensor
1. Product Introduction 
Brief Intro
RBM Real Time Bioaerosol Monitor can be used for real-time monitoring the concentration of microorganisms in the air. The product can detect and alert automatically when the concentration of bioaerosol particles in the air is higher than expectation. The product has the following advantages: high sensitivity, high response rate, easy to operate etc..            

Application Fields
1. Biological Antiterrorism, health supervision for environments such as Entry & Exit Ports, International means of Transport etc..
2. Biological Antiterrorism for mail handling offices, densely populated public places, and major places of assembly etc.. 
3. Monitoring leakage of microorganisms in biosecurity laboratories.
4. Monitoring bacteria for sterilized operating rooms, biopharmaceutical cleanrooms, food production workshops etc..
5. Other places that have the potential of organic pollution by microorganisms in the air. 
6. Anti-biological weapon etc. 
Characteristics and Advantages 
1. Monitoring Automatically: The product can realize its function automatically once it is turned on. It is also easy to operate.
2. Can be operated with no one around: continuous, long-period, without consumables.
3. High response rate: can be used for real-time scene monitoring, with response rate less than 30 sec. 
4. High sensitivity: minimum detection limit is less than 50μm/L.
5. High accuracy with low leakage rate and false alarm rate: Detect almost all microorganism particles including non-culturable microorganism, based on the principle of laser-induced fluorescence; eliminate interference from pseudo-biological particles by specific algorithms.
Technical Parameters
2. Cases of Application
This product has been successfully applied in 2010 Shanghai World Expo, 2016 Hangzhou G20 Summit, the first Shanghai International Trade Fair, Beijing Daxing International Airport etc..

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