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SWL Laser Plankton Particle Counter
Time2021-03-06 23:01SourceLasensor PhotoelectricWriter lasensor
SWL Laser Plankton Particle Counter is an ultra-high sensitivity and real-time planktonic microbial concentration monitor, which uses high-efficiency sampling optical path, designed to achieve a microbial particle detection accuracy. This product can be widely used in bio-pharmaceutical clean room, hospital sterile operating room and other sterile environment monitoring and other occasions. SWL using flow-type gas design, without any supplies in the monitoring process, can realize the unattended high sensitivity airborne bacteria monitoring perfectly.
Compared with the traditional culture method, SWL laser planktonic particle counter doesn’t need to take 2 to 14 days of incubation time, which ensures that the monitoring results is timeliness, and can avoid the unknown loss during the waiting time as well. SWL can collect, upload, and network with data automatically, which help users to make automated and centralized regulation. The comparison experiment was carried out under the same conditions as the culture method. SWL obtained the measurement results consistent with the culture method under specific conditions. SWL has received the inspection certificate issued by the measurement bureau.

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